Mr. Hummer grew up in Woodinville, Washington.  Eager to set out and establish his independence, he attended college and law school in Eastern Washington.

Following law school, Mr. Hummer came to Yakima, Washington and began his practice as an attorney.  While at the law firm of Carlson Boyd PLLC, Mr. Hummer met Elena (Boyd) Hummer and the two married in 2014 - they continue to enjoy working together and raising their son (Gus) at their home in Gleed, Washington.

Mr. Hummer finds satisfaction in hard work, whether it is in the office, the courtroom, the gym, or at the helm of his rusty tractor mowing fields and rotating irrigation lines around his "homestead".  He is also an avid enthusiast of personal finance and investing.

Mr. Hummer directs a focus upon the long-term, understands the value of a dollar, is a believer in "win, win" resolutions, and is a foremost promoter of legal strategies and solutions which are fiscally prudent for his clients.  Nonetheless, when the "bet the farm" scenarios cannot be avoided, he is out to win.